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Established in 2020, Moranzani combines traditional Italian style with modern design, to produce a luxury brand renowned for its class, craftmanship and innovation. 

At Moranzani, we believe that less is more, and mass production is not something that is ever on our books. This means that at times, our quantities may be limited, but our products will always be unique. Our highly skilled leather artisans work with their hands to produce only genuine “made in Italy” products, encompassing traditional Italian heritage in every creation. 

Countless hours of work and dedication go into each creation; our designers sketch by hand every idea, digitally merge their inspirations and run them through a series of intricate design stages before our leather artisans receive the finalised concept to sculpt into a reality. Our experienced design and manufacturing teams work closely in collaboration with each other, to ensure that only the most suitable materials are selected. Only the finest of Italian leathers are chosen, combined with the most sophisticated leather treatments, to produce a superior product that radiates class and luxury.

We are committed to our customers and passionate about our work; always providing outstanding service and authentic quality. 


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Top handle Bag

The Grandiosa

"There is no luxury in mass production"

Working with hands




At Moranzani, all our exclusive pieces are hand crafted by the most highly skilled Italian artisans, who dedicate time and passion to employ their ...

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our workmanship

A man that works with his hands is a labourer, whilst a man that works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman. 

At Moranzani, our artisans work with their hands, brain and heart, they are known as ARTISTS.

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the lucciola


Working with Hands

Working with Hands

“There is no luxury in mass production” This is one of Moranzani’s central values as we are determined not to divert into any mass production autom...

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