Working with Hands

There is no luxury in mass production”

This is one of Moranzani’s central values as we are determined not to divert into any mass production automations or processes in any of our design developments. Every idea starts from the study of the model supplied by our designers which are then improved to accommodate hand production. From the initial model, paper templates are produced and then used to cut the leather. With great pride and value our artisans craft these pieces of leather with extraordinary skills, trimming, folding, gluing and executing their assortment of well-preserved skills until the final sewing and assembling of accessories is successfully completed. Every hem is worked with extreme attention to make it smooth, eliminating sharp edges and shaping them one by one in order to elegantly turn the leather into very small waves. This process validates the exclusivity of the manufacturing process and results in the most important outcome of them all, the creation of a unique piece. The ‘made in Italy’ tags found in every product truly reflect our passion and dedication to our workmanship. At Moranzani, we work closely with the entire production team from start to finish. We strive for innovation in our designs whilst preserving artisanal traditions which proudly deliver the Italian style and quality in every piece.

Artisanal work is a fact of love because it expresses the soul of people and their culture

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