Our History

Our manufacturers are based in Italy, located in a small province which has seen exceptional and unique development in the tanning industry over the years, and is famous for being the cradle of master leather goods. As witnessed in many documents and historical researches, using the strength and the speed of the waters of the Chienti river; the province has seen, since the Middle Ages, the birth of numerous artisanal activities mainly linked with tanning.

The Culture of leather crafting, typical to the people of this province, is mixed with their incomparable skill of using their hands to create original and exclusive pieces; unique masterpieces that are born from competent gestures full of virtuosity. Their hands choose leathers to the touch, feeling their flaws, cutting them without wasting, sewing, gluing, eliminating their useless thickness, softening, folding to create perfect angles with thousands of small waves to reach the final product.

Founded in 1993, our manufacturers were quickly entrusted for their luxury production of leather goods. Besides the meticulous design of their products, extreme importance was given to the search of materials used and to the artisanal manufacturing with the purpose of creating products of high quality and standards.

This work ethic is still implemented today. Your Moranzani product represents our manufactures “present” future, whose artisanal work is universally recognised as the definition of elegance: luxury of dedication, of time, of unicity and authenticity of goods.

Today, upon entering the large factory floor, you will smell the peculiar, yet distinctive smell of leathers, a primordial sense that expresses the origins of an artisanal product; from the initial tanning to its unique manufacturing techniques. Our manufactures craft leather and hides, but also fabric and innovative materials, mixing tradition and innovation, with skills and artistic research, enriched by continuous improvement of handcrafting – a very rare skill.

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