Italian Inspiration

Inspiration should be natural, not forced. At Moranzani, we do not force our inspiration or our ideas to further develop our product offering. We identify the product need and its acquired design, one that will strike in luxury whilst preserving a seamless flow.

Our entire brand is based on the inherited values of Italy; the culture, the history, the lifestyle and the language all form the building blocks of Moranzani. Italy gave birth to scientists like Galileo Galilei who changed our perceptions of the world. Our world is ever changing, but the Italians have mastered the balance between tradition and innovation; a concept which is inherently adopted by Moranzani.

Old ideas form part of modern designs in all our collections. Our stitching and stamping patterns have been developed from raw historical monuments that have shown uniqueness and potential in providing fantastic design input. Our designers are influenced with what is around us, not necessarily a fashion statement, but a memory or a reflection of something that can provide value, uniqueness and ultimate sophistication to our entire product collection.

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