At Moranzani, all our exclusive pieces are hand crafted by the most highly skilled Italian artisans, who dedicate time and passion to employ their best skills in order to deliver the exclusive products that form our Moranzani collections, a unique quality that is unattainable by counterfeits.

It is our duty to respect the hard work of our artisans and the exquisite products they develop, but most importantly, we must protect our valued customers to ensure that only genuine Moranzani products are received.  

The meticulous artisanship that creates our products reflect the style and quality values we treasure and we must employ all efforts to curtail counterfeit goods. Since our launch in 2021, Moranzani has partnered with Certilogo, the leading authentication platform in the world. Every single Moranzani product is equipped with this reliable authentication system, which allows every one of our unique pieces to be quickly and effectively authenticated, providing our customers with the assurance that what they are receiving is genuine.  

Every Moranzani product has a unique Certilogo label discretely stitched into its internal face, containing a QR code which can be scanned, as well as a unique 12 digit numeric code which can be entered into the official Certilogo website in order to authenticate the product.

At Moranzani, we value our customers and we are committed to ensuring the quality and authenticity of our products. We therefore hope that our partnership with Certilogo gives our customers the reassurance and confidence that they are purchasing a genuine Moranzani item.

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