Always Working

At, we only provide the highest quality leather products, produced by our talented artisans in Italy. Our designers are always working hard to develop new products for our valued customers. 

With our unique collaborative approach, all our designs are carefully crafted by our inhouse designers and are brought to life by our Italian artisans who make these designs a reality.

The selection of leathers used in our products, is perhaps the most important part of our design stage. We invest time and thought to carefully consider the selection of materials for each product; not just the best leather, but the appropriate type is chosen to compliment the product design.  

As a natural fabric, we must choose the leathers that will deliver the usability and robustness for the end use of our products. We care for our design but take pride in delivering long lasting products that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. We therefore take our time, so as not to compromise quality.

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